Do you have a question relating to bookkeeping and starting your small business? We are here to help answer your questions. Please submit your questions here. Unfortunately, we will not be able to answer any tax related questions as these should be handled by a qualified accountant.

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I am a one person small business and my budget is small. How can I effectively look after my own books?

Many business owners choose to look after their own books especially when they are small and have a limited budget. The main problem which you may face is trying to keep things up-to-date and accurate. Although the day to day entries can be done by yourself, I would recommend that you have a professional bookkeeper review your work to ensure things are on track.

There are many ways which this can be done. Although many will use desktop accounting software, there is a growing trend to also use online accounting software. Depending on who you choose, you will be able to give access to your accounting data so that things can be checked from time to time. This will give “peace of mind” to yourself knowing things are correct and there are no surprises at year-end.

How much do you charge for an initial consultation?

Our first consultation is free.  We will assess your needs and then see if we can work out something to meet your requirements. You may contact us by phone or email.

Can you work as a virtual bookkeeper?

Yes, we work with businesses located anywhere. Things will be set up so that files are sent electronically. Accounting software will also be used which could even be accessed by your company.

Do I have to use your full service bookkeeping services?

No, you can use any amount of services we offer as we realize that you have a budget. We can specialize depending on your business and your needs.

What accounting software do you use?

We work with Quickbooks, Sage Simply accounting, Lone Wolfe Real Estate software and Kashoo. We also have have an in-house software system which we manage ourselves called AccountingPro.

Do you recommend using a certain software system?

That is really your own preference. Each business is different and unique so one software may be better suited then another. There are also desktop based and online systems.

What are advantages of using an online software system?

There are many but the greatest is that the software can be accessed from anywhere 24/7.  Although each software company have their own benefits, online systems can be easily accessed by your bookkeeper and accountant. You can choose to have someone look after the more easier tasks in-house at a reduced rate while having a more senior bookkeeper oversee your account to ensure things are accurate. Your accountant can then complete your year-end and taxes. All this can be done through an online system which makes virtually no transfer of files and also saves on any travel time. One of the software systems we use is AccountingPro.

What does accounts receivable mean?

This is an account which tracks money owing to your company. Most accounting systems will show what customers owe this money and when it is due.

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